Rod Laight

Local councillor for Lowes Hill

Marlbrook Branch Chairman

A Lowes Hill resident, Rod has been actively working with those involved with the market and to improve investment in the town centre to the benefit of all residents. He has also been assisting residents who have been affected by noise and air pollution from the Norton Farm development. The traffic issue in the district is one that Rod, and all councillors, understand well, they are working together to secure funding to relieve the problem. 18 months ago reports of anti-social behaviour, as a result of drug use, were on the rise in parts of Lowes Hill. Since then Rod has been actively working with the Safer Bromsgrove team to address the issue. While some progress has been made he is committed to ensuring that work will continue to tackle the issue.

Rod lives with his wife Lynne and is a small business owner. 

To contact Rod, phone 01527 833233 or email


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