Phil Thomas

Representing you in Aston Fields

In his time as a councillor for Aston Fields, Phil has been working to capture more investment for the area, and defending the vital resources and services that constituents depend on. In the past year he has been working with other councillors to make Bromsgrove a cleaner and greener, including challenging plastic waste, and with other councillors monitoring the infrastructure serving the ward and the many commuters of Aston Fields. Aston Fields is fortunate to have its small businesses and shops, both in the industrial estate and in Aston Fields itself, and Phil sees it as his priority to ensure that Bromsgrove Council works to support these. 

"These elections are not about national politics, but about Bromsgrove and the future of our town. The issues that residents most repeatedly raise concern the centres of Aston Fields and Bromsgrove - and housing that residents can afford. I became involved in local politics alongside my career elsewhere because I wanted to do the best for our town."


Mobile:  07836238429