Adrian Kriss

Local councillor for Rubery South

Adrian says: 

"If we haven’t met yet and you would like to get in touch, you can do so at any time using the details below.

Rubery is full of opportunity. Let’s put it back on the map. 

The library: The library is not going to close but I would like to explore making the best use of the resources we have. I’ve lobbied the County Council regarding the library and will work with them to ensure it remains open and supported. 

Rubbish and street cleaning: I will immediately address the issue of rubbish dumped by the market and rear of the Main Street. I would also support a “Keep Rubery Tidy” group. A group of volunteers including me to help enhance the appearance of all roads and streets in and around the Town. 

Crime: I have already met with the Police and Crime Commissioner to talk about policing for Rubery. I would work with the neighbourhood watch groups about ways to reduce crime and speeding, including cross-border crime. 

I used to live in Gannow Green and have lived and worked in Birmingham and Bromsgrove all my life. We have so much potential here. If you are sick of national politics, I am too: let’s refocus as we have so much we could gain in Rubery. I will personally champion Rubery South to make it one of the best wards in Bromsgrove to live in."

Adrian is regularly out and about, however if you want to get in touch direct his details are 07973 989991,

To hear Adrian's interview with South Birmingham Radio about his campaign for Rubery, go here.

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