The plan for Bromsgrove

A message from the Council leaders:

"When we first came into office, we commissioned a report that asked if our current status as a dormitory/commuter town was sustaintable. The answer was an emphatic “No”. We decided then that change was needed, and that we would secure a better future for Bromsgrove. 

The drive of the Council is now to build a district we can all live and work in. We have a Council on a secure financial footing. We are forming our own housing company to provide housing residents can afford. We have built a fantastic new leisure centre. We are working to save our town centre through the market and dedicated support for the shops.

Our plan is to secure a future for Bromsgrove as a town to live and to work in. Let’s make it happen." 

Cllr Geoff Denaro, Leader of the District Council

Cllr Karen May, District Council Deputy Leader

You can download the full manifesto here, or read more below. 

To find out who is standing in your area or how to contact them, go here:

The Plan for Bromsgrove:

Improving our town centres and high streets

We're building on our growing café culture, running events and festivals, employing a dedicated high streets manager. We're rolling out themed markets, "In Bloom" projects and trading networks across the District.

Securing resources for young and old

We've delivered a new leisure centre and climbing wall, a new Youth Hub, and new outdoor gyms. We will invest in exercise equipment, Park Runs and keep fit activities for all ages, everywhere.

Providing housing residents can afford

We will deliver low-cost housing and renting through redevelopment of existing sites such as Burcot Lane and the creation of a housing company, which means we can build, sell, rent and apply for funding for housing in Bromsgrove District.

Upgrade our transport and tackle traffic

Working with the County Council for much-needed investment for the A38 and an infrastructure assessment for the north. We will campaign to maintain and improve train and bus services.

Keeping rural areas connected and protected

We are working with local groups to roll-out broadband in the black spots across the district. We'll continue vital frontline services such as Lifeline and work to tackle cross-border crime.

Making Bromsgrove District cleaner and greener

We're working to improve our environment and create a sustainable future, introducing schemes such as Refill Bromsgrove to provide alternatives to single-use plastic and exploring ways to support electric cars.


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