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Are you interested in serving your local community? If so, you could be perfectly suited to become a councillor for your local area. Bromsgrove Conservatives are looking for potential candidates for the District Council elections in 2019 - could this be you? 

At district level, becoming a councillor is entirely compatible with a full-time job. Your main qualifications are a genuine concern for the community and a willingness to learn. Knowledge and experience will soon follow and you do not have to have been politically involved before. 

By becoming a councillor, you really can make a difference for the people who elect you, and the places you represent. You can help transform your neighbourhood, and improve the lives of its residents. You can help improve local public services, enabling them to meet or exceed ever-changing public expectations. You will have the chance to develop and hone a wide range of your own skills; critical analysis and problem solving; public speaking and debating; diplomacy and consensus-building. If you've ever wanted to make improvements locally, then politics is the way to do it. 

If you’ve ever thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great if…’ or ‘Why don’t they….’ then local politics might be for you.

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