Maria Middleton

Local councillor for Sanders Park

Local resident Maria Middleton stood for District Council because she loves the ward and the town.As a keen runner, keeping fit is an important issue to Maria and she is a great supporter of the new leisure centre with the climbing wall and excited for the new outdoor gym in Sanders Park. If elected she will look to encourage events, such as Park Runs and keep fit for the elderly which will improve not just people's physical health but community spirit.

Her manifesto for Sanders Park ward includes:

• Parking on the green verge alongside Sanders Park and dog-fouling and littering – "these are unacceptable. If you want to be updated on progress, please e-mail me and I will be sure to keep you in the loop."

• Anti-social behaviour at weekends and petty crime - "the night clubs and bars have a responsibility to ensure that they do not destroy the fabric of our lovely town and I’ve been recieving updates from the portfolio holder regarding engagement with the police."

• Asda’s trolleys abandoned all over Churchfields area – "our team have regular meetings with the businesses including ASDA and I will work with them to tackle this."

• Market and themed events – "we all seem to agree this is a great way to put Bromsgrove back on the map! I look forward to hearing your suggestions on what themes you’d like us to explore."

• Library and other facilities – "despite continuous pressure on public resources, important community facilities such as the library must remain open. We need to work hard though to find efficiencies in innovation."

• Speeding – "dangerous driving and noise pollution do not belong in Bromsgrove. I will work hard with County level colleagues and the Police to address this problem in our town."

• Local housing developments and infrastructure concerns – "this is a concern for all of us. We need to be able to accommodate our people HOWEVER any development should be supported by robust infrastructure and I will work hard to ensure that any plans presented to the Council address these concerns."

• Keeping Council Tax low – "many of you are concerned about the increases in the council tax rate. I will work hard alongside my colleagues to find efficiencies in everything we do. We need to keep a careful eye on ensuring that our promises to you are carefully priced and not more than we can afford."

Mobile: 07877760175


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