Boris Johnson wins the BBC Leaders’ Debate

Tonight, Jeremy Corbyn once again demonstrated an abject failure of leadership. His repeated unwillingness to set out a clear position on Brexit means he has no credibility on anything else.

Exposed: Labour plot with RMT behind rail strike chaos

Rail union leaders and the Labour Party have boasted that they are "working together" to "bring down" the government at this month's election through a campaign of political strikes disrupting millions of passengers' lives.

More Police for West Mercia

The Conservative Party is the only party at this election that is truly tough on crime.

That’s why we’ve announced the recruitment of 20,000 police officers nationwide – giving police the resources and powers they need to keep us safe.

Investing in our Local Schools

When our children succeed, our community succeeds.

That’s why I want to establish Bromsgrove as a district of educational excellence – so that every child receives the best possible start in life and is able to reach their full potential.