Sajid Javid Pledges Biggest For Local Schools Funding in a Generation

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Bromsgrove and Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid has pledged to “ensure that every local child gets the best possible start in life” by “making Bromsgrove into a district of educational excellence”.

On Wednesday (20th November 2019) Sajid stopped off at Haybridge High School in Hagley, which is set to receive more than a quarter of a million pounds in additional funding next year alone as a result of his first Spending Round as Chancellor.


Sajid said:

“I want to continue transforming Bromsgrove into a district of opportunity. That starts with our schools.

“My own life story demonstrates that when it comes to a child’s life chances, nothing is more important than inspirational teachers and a fantastic local school. That’s why I’ve put education at the very heart of my vision for our local community as well as the country.

“One of the very first things I did as Chancellor was to announce a £14 billion increase in schools funding over the next three years – with areas that have been historically underfunded first in line for the greatest increases.

“As a result, schools in Worcestershire will receive almost £18 million of additional funding next year alone, with further increases expected in subsequent years. For schools like Haybridge, that marks a step change in funding.

“In short, I’m determined to see that every child in our community gets the best possible start in life, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential.”

Additionally, Sajid emphasised that all children should have access to the education and support that is right for them, highlighting £700 million of additional funding that will be provided next year for children with special educational needs and disabilities.