Local Campaigner Seeks Assurances on Hagley Library

Following the ongoing consultation about library services, local Hagley campaigner and Parish Councillor Kyle Daisley has written to Bromsgrove District Council to asked for a formal update about the future of Hagley’s library services.

Kyle Daisley said: “I grew up using the library, and it is part of our community here. We need to ensure Hagley library is protected and remains part of village life, whatever form that means.”

“I will be responding to the consultation and encouraging as many residents as I can to do the same, and keeping in contact with both councils to the best of my ability.”

“The way to get the best for Hagley is to engage, not complain and abstain.”

Karen May, County Councillor for the Clent Hills, said: “I have over the last two years given £2,000 from my divisional funding towards Hagley Library. I feel very strongly about the library and will personally do all I can to keep the library open in Hagley.”