Investing in our Local Schools

When our children succeed, our community succeeds.

That’s why I want to establish Bromsgrove as a district of educational excellence – so that every child receives the best possible start in life and is able to reach their full potential.

I know from experience that a good school and inspirational teachers are so important in schools. That’s why education and skills are at the very heart of the government’s vision for local and national renewal.

Supporting schools in our local area

I’m delighted to announce that following my Spending Round last month, schools in Worcestershire will be receiving a funding boost of £17.7m next year.

That means that every single one of our schools will be receiving more money to be spent on each of their students.

That’s the largest cash boost in a generation. 

The Government has also committed to supporting our fantastic teachers even more, through providing an increase in starting salaries – with new starters set to receive £30,000 by 2022-23, so that more of the best graduates are encouraged to turn their talent to teaching.

We’re lucky to have so many talented and hard-working students in Bromsgrove and it’s always fantastic to see great results and success stories on Results Day.

However, to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn and succeed, we will do more to increase standards and discipline in the classroom.  

That’s why every school – including schools rated as outstanding – will receive regular checks, so that parents can be confident their child’s school continues to deliver the best education.

It’s also why we will invest £10 million in national Behaviour Hubs to enable schools which already have an excellent behaviour culture, to work closely with other schools to drive improvement to make sure the best education is available regardless of where you live.

The choice at this election

Under Labour, we plummeted down the international league tables for school performance.

If Jeremy Corbyn got into Downing Street this would happen all over again – with an economy in crisis and the chaos of two referendums next year.

A Conservative majority will pass the Great New Deal that the Prime Minister has already negotiated with the EU and get on with working on the issues that will create a stronger, better future for Bromsgrove – and for Britain.