Improving our NHS

I believe passionately in our NHS.

Growing up in one of the most challenging neighbourhoods in the UK, the NHS was one of my family’s lifelines.

It’s been there for my parents, my brothers and my children during some of the most difficult periods of our lives.

That’s why it’ll always be precious to me – and why I’ve prioritised it as your local MP.

When I was first elected, I successfully campaigned to save the Alex’s A&E unit, and for the £25 million cancer unit built in 2015.

Furthermore, alongside fellow Worcestershire Conservative MPs, I’ve secured £32 million of additional funding for local hospitals since 2017.

However, I certainly won’t stop there.

The NHS backed by a strong economy

The Conservatives are determined to move forward and focus on the issues that real people care about- including the NHS.

Earlier this year, I announced a record investment of £33.9bn more for the NHS by 2023-24 – with an initial £6.2bn increase this year. This is the single biggest cash boost ever for the NHS.

For the Bromsgrove and Redditch CCG, that means almost £40 million of extra funding.

We are also upgrading 20 hospitals and building 40 new ones nationwide, ensuring extra funding for the NHS goes straight to the front line.

We have listened to you, and we have acted.

Acted to ensure that we deliver world-class public services so that you can have the help and support you need throughout your life.

And we want to take that agenda further. But none of it will happen without a Conservative majority Government.

On December 12th, Bromsgrove has a choice.

A vote for anyone other than the Conservatives is a vote for a Corbyn-led coalition. The economic crisis that would follow would shatter our NHS.

Only the Conservatives can end the Brexit paralysis with a smooth deal, keep the economy strong and invest in the things that really matter to local people – and that includes our health service.