Community Bus comes back to Bromsgrove

County Cllr Rita Dent, representing Bromsgrove Central, has welcomed the news that a community bus service will begin offering a lifeline to elderly residents in the district currently without a bus service.

BARN (Bromsgrove and Redditch Network) are looking at rolling out a Community Bus operation to the areas left without a service, working with partners to find out how many residents may be affected by current lack of service. This is the first step to stepping up a regular community bus scheme, and if the scheme is regularly used BARN may be able to look at accommodating other passengers or putting on extra services. Currently, fares are £2 (or £1 with bus pass) plus 50p a mile per journey equating to about £4 return with a bus pass to/from Catshill, and £3 return with a pass to/from Sidemoor, depending on exactly where they were. Registration is free, and there is no annual membership fee.

Rita says: “For elderly residents without cars, Bromsgrove can be isolating. Buses are a lifeline. The community bus currently has the capacity to take people in and out of town on Thursdays and Tuesdays. This is a good start.

I will be working to link the community bus service with residents. If you are local and need my help, my number is 07803437460”  

The service, BURT – Bromsgrove and Redditch Network – can be contacted directly on 01527 585893 and more info found at They are not quite the same as a bus: residents can register for free, book a few days in advance, and pay a low fare to be picked up from their door. The service can help carry shopping in and residents have a guaranteed seat.