Cleaner Greener Bromsgrove: Council declares climate emergency

Bromsgrove district has declared a climate emergency – and proposed a plan to tackle it.

In the last month, Bromsgrove Council Leader Cllr Karen May made a statement committing to a carbon neutral Bromsgrove by 2050, in line with the new terms of a government plan announced in June. Now, at the Council meeting in July, a motion was voted through cross-party to declare a climate emergency in Bromsgrove and look at means for the Council to tackle climate change: updating the County-wide climate change strategy, forming a cross-party group to engage with the community and form an action plan, and exploring areas where Bromsgrove Council itself can reduce emissions and use energy from renewable sources.

The victorious Conservative Group, who maintained power in the recent elections in May, were voted in on a manifesto that included a pledge for a Cleaner, Greener, more sustainable Bromsgrove.

In other green news, Council also voted through an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles Strategy, a five year action plan to encourage more electric vehicles. This includes applying for money to fund more electric car charging points, supporting taxi drivers in switching to electric vehicles, and support employers in using electric vehicles, and also includes options to look at investment in the low carbon economy and revenue generation from electricity grid services

Cllr Karen May, the Leader of the Council, said: “We’ve got a clear mandate from the public in Bromsgrove. Already we’re seeing a rise in zero-waste commitment from residents, and widespread enthusiasm to make our environment in Bromsgrove a better place.”

“We’re voting through plans to support electric cars, examine options to switch to renewable and sustainable energy, and form a cross-party working group to put together an action plan. We’re exploring all options and are all on the same page here: a cleaner greener Bromsgrove district.”