A carbon neutral Bromsgrove District?

Cllr Karen May outlines the plan for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Bromsgrove district - and a carbon neutral Bromsgrove by 2050. 

Cllr Karen May said: “Whatever we do must be deliverable, achievable and in the best interests of our residents. We were elected on a manifesto to deliver for Bromsgrove: a cleaner, greener, more sustainable district.

“And we’re delivering. We’re starting with the cycle and walkway programme and the innovative electric Taxi Charging Points.”

“This is just the start and we are determined to action innovative and deliverable programs to address our residents concerns.”

In response to the question about when the motion should be debated - whether at the June Council meeting or the forthcoming one in July, Cllr May said: “We are not getting tied into a procedural discussion about the timing of the motions within a month. The Lib Dem members could have chose to prioritise their motion calling for a new road over the climate change motion and didn’t. Without getting into party politics, it did cause some members of the Independent Group concern as on the surface there is a contradiction in simultaneously calling for immediate action on climate change and at the same time calling for a new road and more vehicles."

"We are reaching out to get a common consensus for a joint motion on climate change.  The offer is still open and I am calling to all Opposition Parties: I will be working to facilitate a unanimous supported motion so that all elected councillors can reach beyond party politics and work together for a clean, greener and more sustainable Bromsgrove District.”


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