Britain will be 'great' after Brexit, says Sajid Javid as he pledges spending review to secure the country's place on the world stage

Sajid Javid today vowed Britain will be 'great' after Brexit as he insisted the country would 'bolster alliances' and build new trading relationships. 

Heralding this week's spending review, the Chancellor insisted there was no reason for people to be 'ashamed' and the UK had 'fantastic assets'.

The upbeat message came as Westminster braces for a titanic battle in Parliament as Remainers try to thwart Boris Johnson's Brexit plans.

Mr Javid's big set-piece on Wednesday could even be axed if MPs manage to seize control of Commons business as they try to pass legislation ruling out No Deal.

But Mr Javid has signalled defiance, making clear the package for 2020-21 will be the most generous for years as the government tries to turbo-charge the economy.


It will include boosts for health, social care and education - as well as millions of pounds on enhancing diplomatic ties and the UK's global profile.   

Mr Javid told the Sunday Express: 'Across our history, Britain has thrived as an open, free-trading nation. 

'As we leave the EU, we are deeply committed to playing a leading role on the global stage. 

'That means bolstering alliances, celebrating our culture, building new trading relationships and making sure we can act when needed to keep our people safe. 

'We shouldn't be ashamed of being proud of our place in the world.


We are and will remain a great nation with fantastic assets.'  


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Photo by Rueters