Join or renew membership

Anyone who lives in the Bromsgrove Parliamentary Constituency area can join the Association as a Party Member. Please contact the office via the Contact page for full details.

Members come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get involved in social events, attend political discussion meetings or become active with your MP or local Councillors. Some do all. Some choose what is right for them or what suits their busy lifestyles. All you need to be is Conservative leaning.

Some of the benefits of joining the party are being able to decide who represents the party in local, parliamentary and European elections; being given a vote in leadership elections and at Association AGMs. You are also able to attend Party Conference in 2017 which is being held in Manchester.

In addition, members will receive a membership card, regular email updates and access to the Party’s Affinity Programme which provides discounts on a range of products. The Party  membership fee is £25 a year or an amazingly attractive reduced sum of £5 a year if you are under 23 years of age.